Rob Zotti

I am a Wyoming native living in Rock Springs with my wife Joanne and two amazing kids Megan and Ryan. My family is my pride and joy and the reason I do all that I do. I have a retail background working for Gart Brothers/Sports Authority from 1990 to 1998. I joined Bob Elmer Insurance/Wyoming Financial in 1998 and am still there today. In addition to being a Commercial Lines agent, I serve as our Branch manager.

I am currently serving my 2nd term on the Rock Springs City Council. This allows me to work closely with the City’s Building Department, Fire Department, and Planning & Zoning. We strive to work together with area contractors to find ways to improve the relationships between private business and city regulators. I serve on a committee that is charged with identifying barriers in our adopted building and fire codes, as well as, in our planning and zoning ordinances. We are working to eliminate ordinances that hinder development and create unnecessary road blocks for our local businesses. Our goal is to avoid increase costs and/or undue delays. To me, this committee reiterates the importance of building strong working relationships with local business. As I councilman, I have strived to do all I can within to encourage the use of locally owned contractors over those that come in from out of state.

My feeling has always been that contractors are only part of the puzzle. Spending money locally helps every resident by providing tax revenue to the city coffers while allowing local businesses to expand. Increased revenue in turn, creates more jobs and the need for more local services. The trickle down effect is powerful and helps keep our community growing strong.

As a member of City Government I know how important it is that I do all I can to make sure we are spending the people’s money wisely. This doesn’t always mean going for the lower price. I am acutely aware that if the lower price means going out of State for services, that it also means the loss of all the revenue that could potentially trickle down to our general public. The hidden costs of that lost revenue can be far greater than the few dollars saved by going with an out of area service.

I have been named a board member for the Association of Wyoming Insurance Agents. I served on the Board of Directors for the Sweetwater County Events Complex from 2005 to 2011. I have a good working relationship with the Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce and sit on a committee consisting of local contractors, bankers and other business people who are focused on keeping local people working.

I’m very excited for the opportunity to serve on the 307 First Board of Directors. Being a Wyoming Native I am keenly aware of the need to support our own. I want Wyoming to grow and prosper while retaining the small town feeling throughout the state we all enjoy. The only way to do this is to communicate with one another and make sure we are doing all we can to ensure the success of our fellow citizens.