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    I shop locally because it’s fun. I can find quirky new things at local stores that you just can’t find in the Targets and Kohl’s of the world. I get to know the shop owners and they get to know me. I also shop locally because it helps my friends and my neighbors who are employed by small businesses. Why do you shop local?

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    I shop local to support the dreamers and risk takers that keep our local economy and society alive. Our Laramie shop owners are also the volunteers and donors for many of our local social events. These shop owners have earned my support and deserve everyone’s.

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    I shop local because I like to see and touch what I’m thinking about buying and I like to have what I buy when I purchase it not shipped to me later. I also shop local because the price is often less. Example I found an item I wanted at Rocky Mountain Discout Sports in Casper for $149.99 with sales tax, total $157.49. Cabela’s on-line had the same thing for $149.99, no sales tax, but $ 12.95 shipping, total $162.94.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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