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A tiny community of tiny houses grows in west Casper

March 7, 2018 in News

Travis Johnson pulled out two wood planks nested against the wall and assembled the dining room table as his wife, Kim, dished steak and sides onto plates in the kitchen.

Farren, 4, occasionally popped the top of her head over the loft to look over her family and their 360-square-foot house. Kim called her to dinner, and the girl stepped down a narrow, hidden staircase and reappeared in the main room. Corbin, 7, left his drawing on the living room sofa and took two steps to his seat at the table.

In October, the Johnsons moved from a 2,800-square-foot house into a tiny home in west Casper, just across the street from the tiny home of their friends, Marty and Stacey Mittelstadt. The two couples shed much of their belongings to just the necessities. But they said they don’t miss the stuff or the extra space.

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