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Casper art dealer brings New York City business to the Cowboy State

January 31, 2018 in News

Fred Taraba moved his hand over the face in the painting. If you look carefully, he said, you can spot the outline of cut-out paper covering the original face of a teenage boy.

Taraba only noticed the artist’s revision after the original illustration for a 1940 Saturday Evening Post cover by Frances Tipton Hunter arrived at his home. The artwork depicts a girl tutoring the boy, though his gaze toward her as she pores over a math book shows he’s more interested in her than in square roots.

Taraba plans to sell the painting, so he won’t disturb the original. But he wonders about what’s underneath the cutout. Maybe the artist decided to change it, or perhaps the art director, he mused as he showed some of his inventory last week. The piece is desirable because it’s a cover of Saturday Evening Post, it’s created by a woman illustrator and because of the story it tells, he said.

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