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Success of Laramie Main Street Alliance

March 22, 2012 in News

KCWY News 13

Reported by Kevin Trager

The Laramie Main Street Alliance was created seven years ago, but it’s already the most successful downtown development program in the state of Wyoming.

The program announced it’s 2011 totals, creating more downtown jobs (44), and new businesses (12) than any other community in the cowboy state.

Executive director Trey Sherwood works with downtown businesses to help them market their products and reach new customers.  Sherwood also works to preserve old buildings in Laramie.

Many of the new business owners fulfilled their lifelong dream when they started their company last year.  Kasey Goodrich and his wife Stephanie are UW graduates and finally opened their boutique and bakery last November.

Goodrich says the Main Street Alliance was instrumental in helping them get started with their business.  He says for first time business owners, the help they received from Sherwood cannot be overlooked.

Rachel Crank opened Poppy’s boutique and flower shop last April.  Crank works with the Main Street Alliance on a weekly basis to develop new advertising strategies and marketing techniques.  Sherwood says many of the new downtown businesses fill a void that once forced Laramie residents to drive to Colorado to go shopping.

Sherwood also says residents should expect several new businesses to open in downtown Laramie later this year.

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