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Jobs return to Riverton

March 15, 2012 in News

KCWY News Channel 13 in Casper recently reported on a Wyoming-owned company  which outsourced their manufacturing to China until recent leadership change over. By bringing the manufacturing process back to the United States and more importantly back to Wyoming, Brunton created nearly 50 jobs.

Reported by Keith Kocinski

Brunton, a Riverton based company announced compass manufacturing will return to the area.

Brunton owners decided several years ago to outsource baseplate compass manufacturing to China.

“The owners at the time thought they could produce the compasses for less money in China and make it easier on themselves,” said Brunton President and CEO John Smithbaker.

Under new leadership Brunton officials decided they can remain competitive if they bring back manufacturing to Riverton, creating nearly 50 jobs.

“To bring these types of jobs back to Wyoming and back to this country it is the exact sort of thing to help diversify our economic base in Wyoming,” said Governor Matt Mead.

“When you get more people working and more people buying products in town and they pay taxes it is a synergistic effort that helps us all grow,” said Riverton Mayor Ron Warpness.

Brunton not only contributes to the workforce in the community it also creates essential products for the U.S. Military.

“One of the things we use these compasses for would be to place field artillery pieces and they shoot a long way like 30 miles. If they aren’t in place exactly correct you will miss the target,”said Major Gen. Luke Reiner, Wyoming Military Department.

Compasses are shipped to 45 countries worldwide. Many attendees say it is a sign to keep faith in U.S. industry.

“Just give us a level playing field and give us the opportunity to compete and I think we can compete with anyone in the world,”said Warpness.

Manufacturing began in January. Company officials estimated the move provides over $1 million in total salaries and an over $10 million impact on Wyoming annually.

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  1. I love Brunton equipment. It’s great they’re moving jobs to Wyoming. Especially manufacturing jobs. We need fewer things built in China.

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