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Cody Labs’ warehouse adds jobs

March 20, 2012 in News

Cody Enterprise

Reported by Heidi Hansen

A $2.5 million grant request to build a warehouse at Cody Laboratories, Inc., was approved Thursday by the Wyoming Business Council.

The warehouse will be owned by Forward Cody and will cost Cody Labs $108,000 annually to lease.

The project, on which Forward Cody CEO James Klessens expects construction to start in August, will allow Cody Labs to invest $5 million for expansion of manufacturing space in their existing facility at 601 Yellowstone Ave.

With increased production space, Cody Laboratories, which produces pharmaceutical drugs, plans to add 45 new jobs at an average hourly wage of $18.75.

“This project is a game changer for our community” Klessens said. “It presents an opportunity for students. They could get a degree and come back here and make a decent salary at Cody Labs.

“There are people who will say, ‘They could do this themselves later,’” he added. “But if we (Forward Cody) build the warehouse, Cody Labs can start hiring today and the community owns the building as an asset.”

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