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Are you a DIY-er

February 14, 2012 in News

A D I Y –er is a “do-it-yourself” person who chooses to take action rather than sit on the sidelines. Those who are D I Y –ers are not content to pass along an inferior quality of life to their children. Instead, by example, D I Y –ers want to help pave the way for the next generation.

So what actions can we take in Wyoming to insure the next generation has hope and opportunity to stay in Wyoming and raise their families? Education is always a good start. This educational focus begins with a culture of D I Y –ers who believe they, as individuals, can make a difference. This is not formal education that only takes place behind brick and mortar institutions. Anyone who believes that this “Institutional Education” is the only path to success is probably not a D I Y –er.

D I Y –ers learn and apply every day. Education is a lifelong process. That formal institutional education is only preparation for the real test-life. It may open more doors, but D I Y –ers know that they will continue to learn and grow and prosper because they choose to, not because the diploma on the wall was an end in itself. To a D I Y –er real learning and the ability to utilize those lessons is a daily exercise.

D I Y –ers know the power of actions, adaptation and motivation. They are compelled to try. Failure is part of most of our lives, on occasion. But that motivation to adapt and try again is basic in a D I Y –er. Failure only occurs when we stop adapting and trying.

We have a unique opportunity to create a new Wyoming based on D I Y –ers who, collectively, choose to make a difference. Together, we have the power to educate ourselves and to apply that knowledge to our efforts to make Wyoming a state with economic opportunities for all. We must create an environment that allows the private sector to prosper. Government needs to facilitate private sector expansion in Wyoming and support keeping Wyoming dollars in Wyoming. However, government is a bi-product of the private sector and its culture. It is critical that the D I Y –ers band together to make a difference. It is, after all, our state, our home and our economy. Choose to make a difference.

How will you make a difference for the future of Wyoming?

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