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307 First Press Launch

February 14, 2012 in News

On Thursday, February 2, 2012 businesses and citizens gathered together at the Casper Events Center to announce the launch of a new statewide non-profit called 307 First.

307 First is an initiative created out of a need to change the perceptions and buying habits of Wyoming citizens in order to build a better future for our state. 307 First thinks of Wyoming as one big community, a community where we are all in this together. We all, as residents, live, work, and play here. We need to support each other and look out for our friends and neighbors.

307 First is a grass-roots organization that wants to empower every Wyoming resident to make change and all of us need to be involved. Each of us as individuals and the decisions we make can impact the futureā€¦ small ways, big ways, in every way.

307 First is asking all Wyoming citizens and business owners to get involved, share their voice, and make a change. Make Wyoming your top priority and keep your money here.

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