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Casper Doctor uses Botox to relieve teen’s chronic pain

January 23, 2012 in News

(Copyright © 2011 NBC Universal, All Rights Reserved)

Dr. Joseph McGinley of Casper Medical Imaging has performed the world’s first treatment of Exertional Compartment Syndrome with Botox right here in Casper, Wyoming.

A Natrona County High School senior and student athlete, Laura Stamp, was suffering from chronic pain in her calves and had been diagnosed with Compartment Syndrome. Before enduring complicated surgery, Laura was seen by Dr. Joseph McGinley to look at other, non-invasive treatments. Read more…

2 responses to Casper Doctor uses Botox to relieve teen’s chronic pain

  1. We have amazing doctors right here in Casper doing amazing things that can’t be done anywhere in the world but right here. Amazing!

  2. I know, right? People leave the state because they think they can get better care elsewhere, and the whole time, people from other states are coming to Wyoming for procedures like this one that are ONLY done here. We have specialists that are at the forefront of their fields. Like real medical fields. Not just animal husbandry.

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