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Stop exporting jobs, NCSD

February 28, 2011 in News, Opinion


Apparently, people in the Natrona County School District think it is all right to send our tax dollars out of state, again. If you have seen the wonderful architectural job that Randy Hein did on the downtown fire station, you know that there are local people who could do a great job.

This is a huge amount of money. But more than money, we are exporting our friends’ and neighbors’ jobs, and jobs for our graduating classes. Our tax dollars will be used to develop restaurants, services, arts and media for another community. We will expand a tax base for another school district.

Perhaps the school board and $100,000-plus administrators should also go east for their services. Since you do not support us, get your haircuts, clothes, groceries, cars and medical care someplace else. But in the next election, you will have to answer to us.

And you, Mr. Superintendent, did you forget that we gave you a chance when we brought you from the small town of Buffalo to Casper? Did you have all of the specific credentials to do your job on your resume at that time?

You don’t deserve your jobs here, from the school board through the superintendent and administration! New buildings won’t solve our problems in the schools. Shame on you!

PAM GUMS, Casper

Originally published Feb. 28, 2011 in the Casper Star-Tribune

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