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After traveling great distances, visitors enchanted by eclipse

August 22, 2017 in News

Darkness fell along Highway 319 north of Glendo, and with it came quiet. Ken Biles spread his arms wide and leaned back as if embracing the sky. Biles’s Pagan ritual was short. It was timed to harness the energy of the solar eclipse and direct it towards some purpose, in this case, better communication across the world. After 30 seconds, he dropped his hands. He pulled out his camera. Like hundreds of people up and down the rural stretch of Wyoming highway, Biles tried to capture the brilliant white... continue reading

Casper airport fills as private planes land to view eclipse

August 21, 2017 in News

It starts out as a faint whirring speck in the sky over this strip of tarmac located outside of town. The buzz remains muted until the plane drops out of sight behind the warehouses and hangars lining the runway. Quickly you hear the roar of the engine as the plane touches down at the Casper/Natrona County International Airport. Again. And again. And again. They’re all here for the solar eclipse. ... continue reading

Casper businesses already seeing boost in business by upcoming eclipse

August 18, 2017 in News

The C’mon Inn Hotel had their first reservation for the upcoming solar eclipse four years ago. At the time, the staff had no idea what event the customer was talking about. Although the hotel became completely booked for the eclipse two years ago, hotel employee Morgan Pangus feels that it is no different than a tournament weekend where the hotel is full due to teenage athletes. The hotel is one of many local businesses already capitalizing on the boost in tourism and visitors for the upcoming eclip... continue reading

Hundreds gather to celebrate downtown plaza grand opening

August 17, 2017 in News

After years of planning and months of construction, hundreds of people gathered at the David Street Station in downtown Casper on Wednesday night to celebrate the public plaza’s official opening. City leaders hope the plaza will serve as an anchor to a revitalized downtown that draws visitors to the city’s core. Already, there are signs the space might be having that effect. Several new businesses have popped up in the surrounding blocks including Racca’s Pizzeria Napoletana and Urban Bottle. Gasli... continue reading

Food businesses prepare for crowds to come with eclipse

August 16, 2017 in News

Casper restaurants, bars and grocery stores are already planning to stock extras from beer and wine to linens and produce for the next few days leading up to Monday’s eclipse. They’re also calling in their full staffing levels to make sure they can accommodate crowds and move customers through lines. While no one knows exactly how many visitors will descend on Casper, many estimates predict about 35,000 additional people. ... continue reading

Solar science: 3 experiments taking place in Casper during the eclipse

August 15, 2017 in News

When the moon passes in front of the sun Monday, leaving Casper in shadow, many residents and most of the 35,000 people who are expected to visit the city will have their eyes locked on the sky, where a rare celestial event – a total solar eclipse – will be taking place. But Bryan Tobias hopes to be looking down. The University of Texas at San Antonio doctoral student won’t be doing it with his own eyes. If all goes according to plan, he’ll be in a quiet spot on Casper Mountain, piloting a dro... continue reading

Out of bankruptcy, Ultra focuses on Western Wyoming

August 14, 2017 in News

Ultra Petroleum is digging deep in Western Wyoming. The Houston-based company, which emerged from bankruptcy in April, announced a net income of nearly $500 million from April to June this year. Revenue was up 45 percent during the second quarter compared to 2016. Ultra is the largest producer of gas in the Upper Green River Basin for 2017, according to state records. It declared bankruptcy last spring, $3.9 billion in debt, during a slate or Chapter 11 filings and layoffs. ... continue reading

Trump announces federal aid for Wyoming flooding recovery

August 8, 2017 in News

President Donald Trump has approved a disaster declaration for Wyoming's flood-affected Fremont and Park counties, including the Wind River Reservation. The White House announced Trump's declaration on Sunday. It means that federal aid is available to supplement state, tribal and local recovery efforts from the June floods. ... continue reading

PRB creates enthusiasm and coal hangs on for companies in last week’s earnings calls

August 7, 2017 in News

Spring earnings have already revealed some modest numbers for coal producers. The second quarter of the year, between winter and summer demand, generally shows a decrease in production and revenue for Powder River Basin coal companies. Oil and gas companies are also reporting for the period from April to June, months marked by crude prices under $50 a barrel and natural gas’s spot price hovering near $3. But the PRB, for oil and gas, continues to deliver. ... continue reading

Wyoming has reason for some cautious optimism after July revenue update

August 4, 2017 in News

The state of Wyoming will likely receive more revenue than previously expected, according to new figures that paint a rosier picture for the state’s post-bust economy. The figures, developed by the Consensus Revenue Estimating Group, show Wyoming is ahead of its January projections for the general fund, the budget reserve account and the main school operations and construction accounts. The state is also beating previous estimates for money brought in from severance taxes and federal mineral royalties.... continue reading