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The Casper Mountain Basketball 6 ready for final tournament

March 8, 2018 in News

Current Kelly Walsh classmates Hallie Jimenez, Jamia Johnson and Madison Vinich sat at the undersized cafeteria tables of Dean Morgan Middle School and reminisced. Jimenez and Vinich both went to Dean Morgan as students and analyzed the room’s differences. There were little. Jimenez and Vinich commented on how the old, red drapes and curtains across the stage had not been replaced in the previous decade as Marquel Gibson entered the room. The four then started talking about differences in basketball pr... continue reading

A tiny community of tiny houses grows in west Casper

March 7, 2018 in News

Travis Johnson pulled out two wood planks nested against the wall and assembled the dining room table as his wife, Kim, dished steak and sides onto plates in the kitchen. Farren, 4, occasionally popped the top of her head over the loft to look over her family and their 360-square-foot house. Kim called her to dinner, and the girl stepped down a narrow, hidden staircase and reappeared in the main room. Corbin, 7, left his drawing on the living room sofa and took two steps to his seat at the table. In O... continue reading

Casper oil firm likely cleared to explore for natural gas in Wyoming Range

March 6, 2018 in News

True Oil will likely be permitted to look for natural gas in a largely no-drill area of public lands in the Wyoming Range of western Wyoming. The exploratory drilling, associated infrastructure and road development in the Bridger-Teton National Forest could begin as early as this year, pending a final decision from the U.S. Forest Service expected this month. The agency published a list of stipulations for approval Friday, each a response to pushback from locals and environmental groups. ... continue reading

Forged in fire: Carpenter man crafts blades for business

March 5, 2018 in News

On an unusually warm morning in early February, James Rodebaugh has just finished up welding a piece of metal in his “office.” His office isn’t like most others, though. Instead of getting up early every morning and heading out to work, Rodebaugh walks the 20 feet into his backyard to the massive building that sits behind his house. It’s a large workshop filled to the brim with all types of equipment including two six-foot tall power hammers, a couple of forges, a 300-lb. anvil and scores of m... continue reading

Converse County oil and gas project is an opportunity of incredible scope, with challenges to match

March 1, 2018 in News

About 100 ranch trucks and industrial vehicles hauling equipment to the oil fields pass through a remote crossroads in Converse County each day. In about a decade that number could jump by 1,800 percent. One of the largest developments Wyoming has ever seen could be coming to this empty stretch of prairie. At it’s peak, the proposed project would include 5,000 oil and gas wells on 1,500 pads. The scale of the proposed project is hard to envision, but the numbers compiled by the Bureau of Land Man... continue reading

Wyoming gets $91 million boost for historic coal reclamation

February 28, 2018 in News

Wyoming’s Department of Environmental Quality will receive an extra $91 million this year from the Interior Department to clean up historic coal mining in the state. Abandoned Mine Land funds are a significant part of the department’s expected budget, but for the next two years, the Interior is returning additional money owed from the years 2009 through 2011. The funds come from a federal tax on coal production that flows into a mineral trust fund. It is doled out every year to coal states to serv... continue reading

Casper history buffs rally to keep museum open year round

February 27, 2018 in News

Fort Caspar Museum could close each winter, despite pleas from local history buffs who recently implored a Casper city official to leave the facility open year-round. The city needs to reduce its spending because annual appropriations from the state Legislature are in jeopardy, Parks and Recreation Director Tim Cortez explained to about 40 people who gathered Friday night at the museum for a public meeting about its future. ... continue reading

Rocky Mountain Power to build new wind farms in four Wyoming counties; plans to add 200 full-time jobs

February 22, 2018 in News

Wyoming’s largest utility has selected four wind projects to help meet its expansion goals, growing its wind development in the Cowboy State by 60 percent, enough to power about 450,000 homes. Rocky Mountain Power, a subsidiary of Pacificorp, is pushing wind development and transmission in Wyoming ahead of a 2020 deadline in order to take advantage of federal tax credits due to sunset. The Salt Lake City-based firm put out a request last fall for wind proposals of at least 10 megawatts that could re... continue reading

How one Casper chef found community through her vegan cooking business

February 21, 2018 in News

A savory barbecue aroma filled the kitchen as vegan chef Kiki Rochelle chopped potatoes, mixed seasonings and tended the simmering pot of sauce on the stove. She kneaded seitan, a wheat-based dough with the starch washed away until all that is left is the protein, she said. The dish dates back to ancient China, its texture is similar to meat and it’s versatile, she said. ... continue reading

Female ice climber’s passion for cold sport burns hot at Cody Ice Festival

February 20, 2018 in News

The temperature is around minus 10, not counting the windchill. Fat snowflakes are pelting what little exposed skin exists in a group of about 20 bundled folks who have postholed through snow and tread unsteadily on a partially iced over and rock-studded Aldrich Creek for more than a mile.Conditions are brutal, and Angela Vanweimeersch couldn’t be happier. “Welcome to Cody, Wyoming, where everything is wildly inconvenient!” she jokes, spreading her arms to take in the surrounding snow-dusted and co... continue reading